Craig Stiede

Craig came our way from sunny San Diego where he was the top tech at an auto repair and classic restoration garage. He has been with Gerry since 1998, loves the outdoors, Lake Erie boating and is an avid fisherman. Craig is also an ASE Certified Master Technician with the Advanced level engine performance Certification. He has also been to many management seminars with Gerry and is fully qualified to run the place when the old man starts taking extended vacations. Craig has great instincts and problem solving abilities and is our number one can do man.
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Tony Graham

It certainly is great to have Tony back! After a three year stay in the "green grass" at Hallman Chevrolet, he returns, a little older, much wiser and perhaps even a little more outspoken than ever (hmmmm). Seriously it is good to have him back and I think he is truly glad to be here. Being at a Dealership for that time exposed him to a lot of technical problems and taught him skills that are proving very useful to us here at Gerry Butts Auto. His dependability, concern for quality and care for customers is as solid as ever, and we are proud to have him as part of our teaam once again.


Patrick Nye

Patrick is a valuable member of our staff and has turned out to be a natural in the way he relates to customers and the Auto Repair Business. He has a good background in retail and is a big help to Craig and Gerry with the public relations part of the operation. When you call for your appointment Pat will probably be the one that helps get all the information so that were sure to take care of your automotive concerns.


Steve Turowski

Steve is the newest addition to the staff at Gerry Butts Auto. He comes to us as an entry-level tech, a product of the Erie County Tech School. So far so good, he has been fitting in well and is eager to learn. We have great hopes to see him mature into a valuable part of our team.









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