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Transmission Fluid Service

Clean fluid in your transmission keeps the internal working parts and intricate valve bodies, well lubricated and free from sludge that can cause a major failure. We recommend changing the fluid in most cars every thirty thousand miles to get the maximum in performance and long life from your transmission.

Did you ever hear the expression "works like a well oiled part"? Well there is a lot of truth to that little line, and especially where transmissions are concerned. The whole operation of the transmission depends on the oil (ATFAutomatic Transmission Fluid in this case). From the intense pressure and heat generated in the power converter-a fluid turbine type link between the engine and transmission which takes the place of the manual clutch, to the intricate passages of the valve body which controls the internal pressure of the fluid and directs the fluid to servos and switches which smoothly shift the vehicle through the gears. And, as if this isn't enough, the same ATF is also required to lubricate and keep clean all of the internal moving parts such as bands drums, sun gears and differentials. If you ever saw a cutaway view of a working automatic transmission or transaxle you would be totally impressed with what goes on inside when you go from zero to sixty, and the key to it all is the fluid. As the miles go by the job of the fluid it to suspend any contaminants that develop inside the transmission, such as, moisture (condensation from temperature changes), wear material from the bands and drums and metal debris from gears and bearings. If you have ever drained the oil out of a car or lawnmower, and put clean oil in, you know what a good deed you are doing just by seeing the difference between the old oil and the new. Any engineer will tell you the key to the long life of any set of moving parts is a clean proper lubricant.

The way we change transmission fluid is: drop the pan, thoroughly clean out all of the sediment and debris, install a new filter element and reassemble with new gasket materials. (This, by the way, is where a lot of ATF changes begin and end, the four or five quarts of ATF that were in the pan are replaced and the customer is sent on their way). Today's transmissions hold in the range of 14 to 20 quarts of fluid, that leaves a lot of dirty ATF to mix with those poor 5 qqarts of clean stuff. This is why we invested in the TransTech System several years ago. It connects to the transmission's cooler lines and like a blood transfusion, pumps out all of the old fluid and replaces it completely with new clean ATF, that's the best way to do it, and that's the way we do it!

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