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Intake and Injector Cleaning Service
We Strongly Recommend "MotorVac" Intake and Injector Cleaning for Any Car With Over 50,000 Miles or 3 Year Old!

After three of four years of operation, and especially if a lot of short trips and in town driving have been on the menu, most cars will have substantial build up in the critical areas of the intake where the fuel air mixture is delivered to the engines combustion chambers. Also, the fuel injectors themselves (which spray the fuel into the intake), become somewhat restricted by carbon and varnish deposits. The combination of these will create a less than efficient fuel air mixture to your engines cylinders and rob you of valuable miles per gallon.

The most effective way of cleaning up these critical areas of your engine is the MotorVac Intake Cleaning System, and we will be offering it at a Very Special Price, thru the end of December. Use the enclosed coupon to save money here and at the Gas Pumps.

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