About Us...

Gerry Butts Auto has been in business at this location for over twenty years, before that I had two service station / auto repair facilities from 1970 to 1989.

I think the first car I ever worked on was a 1951 Packard, back in the mid 50's. I have grown up with this industry, from the advent of the automatic transmission to the incredible electronic innovations of the last ten years. From turning the carburetor fuel mixture screws and tuning a car by "ear" to current day systems that require downloading vehicle specific data and reprogramming the on-board computer.

Throughout that time period two things have always been primary to the operation of our business:
A- take good care of your customers, treat them with friendly respect, honesty and stand behind what we do.
B- stay abreast of the industry, make sure our facility, equipment and technicians are up to date and prepared to take on the problems of vehicles of today.

Thank you for visiting our site and please stop by to see what we mean by friendly, clean, competent service.






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