What Is Your Car Worth 
Most of our customers drive cars that they have paid somewhere between ten and fifty thousand dollars for. A few paid more and quite a few spent even less on their initial investment.

Of course, the concept would be that this has something to do with what the car is worth, but I would like to look at it from a little different point of view.

From my way of thinking, (Ha, you asked for it now), if I make thirty-thousand a year and spend ten of it on a vehicle, that car is worth just as much to me as the guy who makes a hundred and fifty thousand and spends fifty thousand on his transportation. It still represents that large third of my annual income and deserves the same respect as the other guys.

I guess what I am saying is we don't get involved in trying to compare apples to pears. They are all peaches to the people who care about them and have to depend on them for that myriad of roles that the family car plays in our society.

From my point of view it is our job to help you see to it that your investment has a long and useful lifespan, because if it were to expire prematurely it could leave a large empty spot in your lifestyle and your budget.

I know I always talk about safety, which is certainly foremost, but care and maintenance often take a back seat to other items on the family wish list. What your car is really worth is what you would have to sacrifice if you were forced to replace it unexpectedly. We are here to help you make it last until your ready!

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The Case of the Missing Invoice 
It was one of those dark, cold and rainy Friday evenings when daylight savings time was just starting to do its dingy work on a winter looking sky. The boys had finished their cars and were on their way to warm homes, hearts and meals.

I was alone, contemplating another week of leaking intakes and grinding brakes, watching the ice melt in a glass of bourbon on my desk, when a rush of cold damp air let me know the outside door had opened.

Then she was in my office, wet, cold, scared and beautiful. Soft blue eyes spilling tears down those perfect cheeks and that tiny mouth with a sad story to tell. The cubes in my bourbon were melting faster than Al Gores ice cap.

Her husband had left her two weeks ago, in the middle of the night, with just one request: take good care of the car! Now it was horribly broken, a curb had taken out the right front wheel, the engine wouldnt start and it had more lights flashing than the space shuttle. Worst of all, she had lost his radio presets, and she had to pick him up at the airport at 10 am tomorrow.

What choice did I have? I called the boys back in, they were there when the tow truck rolled the cadaver in the front door.

Andrey went to work on the front wheel, Paul had two scanners and the life support hooked up to the failed engine, and Patrick was ordering parts like an artillery observer calling rounds in on an enemy position. Craig was so deep into that body computer looking for lost radio stations that all I could see was the soles of his feet.

My job of course was toughest of all: to get this little lady settled down and ready to face life again. We went for coffee and a tasty biscuit.

By 9 pm I figured it was safe to go back, Craig handed her the keys and she gave his cheek just the softest brush of those tender lips, then with the slightest hint of a smile at me she was gone in the night. A pair of red tail lights fading into the mist on West 21st Street.

I had that gut feeling that something about this picture was not right. I asked Pat if he had gotten a phone number to call next week, just to make sure everything was alright. The look on his face told the whole story. There was no number, no name and no invoice, only the lingering scent of a woman and the memory of that face to offset 12 hours of overtime and a shopping cart of parts. Somehow I didnt feel cheated, and as time has gone by, and I think back on that night, maybe I was overpaid.

While this case might seem a little melodramatic to some, it is totally, word for word true! Only some of the names, facts, time and weather conditions have been changed to suit the writers creative instincts.

One fact, however, that the story does demonstrate, is indelibly true, and that is just how much we value, admire and protect our lady customers. That part, is by no means a figment of my thought dreams. We like them, and I will tell you why.


Women, for the most part pay better attention to their cars, so they know when something changes or is going wrong. Then, not being gender challenged, they bring the car in and ask questions, (rather than waiting for the wheel to come off). When they do come in, they dont feel the need to prove that they know more than we do about cars.

This helps us to avoid having to say things like: Oh no, I think you were on the right track reversing those battery terminals, just a bit of bad luck about the computer melting like that.

Anyway, Ladies we love you and you are always welcome here. . . . . . . Tell us your troubles.

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Snow Place Like Home 
Ok, it is very cold. Yep, it is snowing quite a bit. Sure, I know, the roads are bad, the heat bills are high, blah, blah, blah. It almost seems like complaining about winter has risen to an art form, just something your expected to do.

There is a trend here that we kind of take it for granted that we are supposed to be miserable this time of year, all of our small talk is snow gloom and cold doom.

Well I for one have had enough! I have friends and relatives in the south and west and I call them just to say: "Oh my God, You can not believe how beautiful it is here today, everything is totally covered with the most beautiful, crystal white snow, the kids are sliding down that little hill in the back on pieces of cardboard, and their cheeks look like you painted them red. The fire is toasty, and if you go outside at night it is so quiet you can almost hear the snow flakes landing. So do not be calling me to gloat about sunshine, bugs, hurricanes, mud slides and earthquakes. I like it here?

All I am saying is I think most of us like it here better than we are willing to admit. We must, because there are some very good roads leading south and lord knows we are not staying because of the thriving economy. So get some skis, or an ice fishing pole, or skates or just take your camera out for a walk. Our city and state has some of the most beautiful landscapes you can find anywhere.

Now the next time you stop in, tell me about something you had fun doing this winter, and why you chose to make this awesome area your home base. And I know I will be seeing you before long, because where else can you spend those fabulous Buttsie Bucks? They will help keep the meter running on that fine old family snow taxi!

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Gerry's Christmas Message - Merry Christmas 2012 
The Christmas Sweater

Ah yes! Those were the days. You remember,
of course you do, back when everyone was sure the earth was flat. Building pyramids, roads, cities, aqueducts, all smug and smart, figuring out calendars and how the sun revolved around the earth and thinking they knew just about all there was to know. And old God up there, just smiling and keeping track of good and bad deeds.

Well then came the enlightenment? when they put a bunch of guys in boats, and let them go sailing off to some far away place, raising hell, drinking too much and in general, bothering a bunch of people they didn't even know. They were just doing what men do, when their wives aren't around to keep an eye on them. And then, as luck would have it, they just happened to discover the world was round in the process. (Today they go in cars, we call them golf outings).

Now here we are again, all smug and smart with our planets and galaxies, black holes and big bangs. We pretty much know it all, and maybe for some, God is just a story we tell the kids at a certain time of the year. Well, I would like to bet you that sooner or later we'll get in some kind of ship, sail out into the great unknown, and find out this world isn't round, no more than it was flat, all those years ago. Instead, I'll bet our little world is just the very end of a fine invisible thread, weaving it's way through a beautiful sweater that some one has been knitting for a long, long time. And God? Oh he'll just smile, shake his head, and keep on knitting.
And, keeping track of who's naughty or nice.

Merry Christmas, put on a warm sweater and give thanks

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Who Cares About Fuel Economy 
We Strongly Recommend MotorVac Intake and Injector Cleaning for Any Car With Over 50,000 Miles or 3 Year Old!

Right now, with the price of gas well over $3.50 a gallon, just about everyone I know is doing their best to squeeze every last mile out of that pricey purchase know as a fill-up. Of course the first step here is to make sure all of your cars maintenance items are up to date, especially the spark plugs and the fuel and air filters, these are critical to good economical performance.

With all this done, you will notice your car starts quickly and runs smoothly without missing a beat, but there is still more you can do and the performance and fuel mileage improvement can be significant.

After three of four years of operation, and especially if a lot of short trips and in town driving have been on the menu, most cars will have substantial build up in the critical areas of the intake where the fuel air mixture is delivered to the engines combustion chambers. Also, the fuel injectors themselves (which spray the fuel into the intake), become somewhat restricted by carbon and varnish deposits. The combination of these will create a less than efficient fuel air mixture to your engines cylinders and rob you of valuable miles per gallon.

The most effective way of cleaning up these critical areas of your engine is the MotorVac Intake and Injector Cleaning System, and we will be offering it at a Very Special Price,$79.95, thru the end of November.

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